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Virtual machines are more sensitive to the storage speed than regular container, making it important to choose the right storage type and region for your VM image.

Linstor provides the fastest available storage option for VMs.

It's also important to minimize the latency to the storage. We currently have linstor available in San Diego and UNL area. So please choose the region closes to your intendent computation place, and position your VMs as close to the storage as possible.

Using GPUs in VMs

Nodes labelled with are configured to passthrough GPUs for kubevirt VMs.

To see the list of such nodes, run kubectl get nodes -l

You can check the types of exposed GPUs in each node with kubectl describe node <node-name>, Capacity section will have a number of gpus available.

To use the GPU in VM, add it to the gpus section of your VM definition with the appropriate type:

          - deviceName:
            name: gpu1

You can proceed with running our examples for Windows and Ubuntu linux